Quality Service

Getting married? Congrats! We are proud to offer full service weddings featuring our fresh and unique floral designs. We guarantee that all flowers used for your big day are the most beautiful, finest quality picks from our own field. We do our best to provide the flowers you want for your wedding, and in the case that a flower you desire is out of season, we are happy to recommend excellent alternatives that suit your needs. See our flower calendar for ideas on what's growing in our fields each month.

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How it Works

During consultations we discuss your vision, color palette, pricing, and what is most important to you in terms of flowers. We carefully attend to each and every detail of your vision to make your wedding as beautiful as you imagine. During follow-up consultations, we make necessary changes, if any, to your order and come up with a final draft for you to approve. To reserve your date, we charge a deposit, and then schedule a date and time for your flowers to be delivered! 

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Choose Local

Because we only use flowers that are grown on our farm, we ensure a freshness that no florist can compete with. Most florists use flowers that are shipped from around the world and are already weeks old by the time they reach the US. Their flowers pale in comparison to ours, which have more vibrant colors, fresher scent, and a much longer vase life. You can rest assured that our flowers are also the most environmentally friendly option since they are never treated with pesticides and haven’t contributed to fossil fuel emissions like those shipped from faraway places. Support your local farmer and receive eco-friendly flowers that are lovely and fresh. 

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Design Philosophy

We care about our customers and understand that our flowers serve an important mission on your wedding day. They are a statement of your unique personality, beauty, and love. That's why each stem used in our arrangements is carefully selected for the best quality, beauty, and freshness. Our designs are versatile enough to fit with your vision and theme for your wedding. From simple and elegant, to colorful and extravagant, whatever you choose, we guarantee your total satisfaction with our beautiful, hand-crafted designs!