The movement

Maybe you’ve heard of the slow food movement. But have you heard of slow flowers?


Our goal

Hi, we’re Emma and Craig, and we started Pine Creek Flowers in 2016 with a vision of bringing extraordinary flowers into the world. Following in the steps of the slow food movement, we developed a farm that brings fresh, local flowers with a long vase life to our community without impacting the fragile ecosystem where we grow.

The slow flowers movement is about reconnecting consumers with American grown flowers. The value of locally and sustainably grown flowers can be seen in the vibrant colors, freshness and longevity of the flowers themselves. What maybe isn’t seen is the very short distance our flowers travel from our farm to your table or the pesticides that we never use or the fact that our farm is a safe home for pollinators.

Slow flowers is about raising the awareness that high quality flowers are available in your area. The access we provide to seasonally available, unusual varieties is our way of serving our community.

photography by Barbara Rich