locally grown, with love

We are a local flower farm in Chico, CA that offers gorgeous, seasonal flowers at local farmers markets, CSA subscriptions and unique designs for weddings.


We work to build healthy soil, which gives us the most beautiful, longest-lasting flowers. We use cover crops and other organic methods to build rich soil and treat our flowers to home-brewed compost tea, worm castings and guano. We never use pesticides or herbicides or other harsh chemicals. We love growing responsibly cultivated, exceptional quality flowers that bring beauty to our community.


for the bees

Put simply, bees need our help. To lead healthy lives, they need diversity in their diet and flowers provide just that. As members of the Xerces Society, we recognize that our flower fields provide an essential food source for pollinators. We mingle with them during harvest time, watching them happily buzz around our flowers, getting their nutrients for the day.

We'd like to give a huge thank-you to Barbara Rich for capturing the beauty of our flower farm with her exceptional photography! She captures sweet, fleeting moments with her camera that most people will never see. Most of the photos on this site are hers. 


all photography this page by Barbara Rich